Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fashion models

Growing up, as little children,
we notice everything directly,
as there is not yet a fixed position.

It is one fluid field of knowing. 

Until we are conditioned,
from morning to night,
that what we are is limited to the body.   
This is our identity.

And as nobody has told us 
of the ever present nature
of our being,  
we believe the lie and
settle for a fake reality 

Somewhere we know we are 
beautiful and divine.

But we are told not to brag, 
not to show ourselves 
and to hide.

Somewhere we know we are 
timeless, ageless and perfect.

But we are never confirmed 
in this intuitive knowing and thus
slide into inferiority complexes 
because our ever changing
appearance does not match the 
fashion models of this moment.

Somewhere we know we are 
ever present and all knowing;
our direct perceptions revealing 
the truth of existence as it is.

But we get caught up in the 
story of separation of human 'doings.'
Entering the stream of time. 
Of past and future.
And end up living in a conceptual framework 
where things are only known by its labels.

Somewhere we all know we are 
already whole and complete.

That is why this message 
of Nonduality is resonating.

It is already telling us
what we know to be true.

This message of our true nature 
which has been forgotten and beaten
out of us from early childhood.

Trust this message?
Let it take us home?

A place we never left.

As this is All there is
and what we Are.  

The direct knowing of this moment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The  nature of Knowing is Knowing.

Knowing knows.

Knowing is impersonal.

Deals with actualities only.

Knowing does not get lost in past stories 
or projects in the future.
But it sees a thought of the past 
or the imaginings of tomorrow
appearing and disappearing

The Knowing knows a thought,  
a sight, a sound,
a feeling, a touch.  
All is known by Knowing.

It is clear and alive,
and always now.
Always present.

Never not Here

Other words for Knowing are Seeing, Being

In Knowing/Seeing/Being there is no separate object. 

The object-subject dynamic has collapsed.

There is only one Thing.

One Taste.

One Intimate tasting 
of all the different expressions
of and as Itself.


Sunday, December 14, 2014


Alarmed a squirrel shrieks.

A butterfly flutters around the huge ceramic vessel on the terrace.

Strong wind through the trees.

Rhythmic the rod from the windmill cling clangs as it bangs against the pipes.

The curtain moves a little.

Ferns sway to and fro.

Thoughts pop up
and fingers tap.

There is no, 
there never was
a person at the center
of perception.

The sense of separation,
of being a person is also

By whom?

By what?

A seamless totality 
where everything appears and disappears.

Just the happening of this moment.

Sunday, December 7, 2014